Types of Government Contracts for Small Business You Must Know

Many small businesses are offered contracts by the United States government so that entrepreneurship and public service can be integrated. In order to support them financially and keep money in circulation within the economy of America, the government has committed itself to giving 23% of its prime contracts to small scale entrepreneurs. The Federal Business Opportunities website regularly posts contracting opportunities that they are qualified for so that a lot of the will be able to apply.GoodsSmall business contracts are offered by the federal government for goods when they are needed. The contracts are constantly updated on the Federal Business Opportunity website so that small scale entrepreneurs can have the opportunity to apply. In 2010, goods contract postings included a pre-solicitation contract notice for Navstar global positioning system user equipment offered by the Defense Logistics Agency, an endoscope cleaning system contract from the Department of Veterans Affairs and a five-year fixed price indefinite delivery contract for secure transit bags offered by the Department of Homeland Security.ServicesAll branches of government offer service contracts on a daily basis through the Federal Business Opportunities. Small business service contracts range from disposing hazardous materials to doing military laundry.Government contract postings in 2010 for services included a single-award contract for the printing, packaging, embossing and distribution of Presidential Memorial Certificates offered by the Government Printing Office, a transportation of bulk marijuana contract from the Drug Enforcement Agency and an Office of Naval Research contract for laboratory analysis, hazardous waste disposal and emergency services.Research and Technical AssistanceApart from goods and services, the government also gives out contracts for small businesses in the area of research and technical assistance. In 2010, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research posted a solicitation link for a prospective small business contract for research to identify salivary gland irregularities that may predispose Sj√∂gren’s Syndrome patients to salivary gland dysfunction. That same year, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission offered a contract for technical assistance in environmental safety reviews for uranium recovery and fuel cycle facilities as well as assistance in decommissioning licensing and other NRC technical support activities.However, it is important to get relevant information that will assist you in winning government contacts. You should carry out all the necessary documentations that will make the process easier for you. You should also carry out necessary actions that will prove that you are operating a small business so that you will be eligible for the contracts.