Vacation Travel Clubs – How Much Do They Cost And What Are The Benefits of Membership?

My travel club story: Last year, my family took a “free” vacation with the obligation to attend a 90 minute Vacation Club Sales Presentation. We told ourselves before the meeting that “there is no way we are buying”. We planned to listen to what they had to say and then politely decline. At that time, taking a “freebie” vacation was about all we could manage. My husband and I are self-employed and the economy had hit us hard. So, when I received a call offering free beachfront accommodations, in exchange for 90 minutes of our time, I accepted.The Meeting: When we arrived at the meeting (Florida Destinations) in Daytona Beach, we were served coffee and doughnuts. Each couple was assigned a sales rep and brought into a larger room to watch a video presentation of the benefits of Vacation Club Membership. By the end of the video, and the sales pitch that followed, my husband and I were wavering on our decision to “just say NO”. However, when they disclosed the price of $7995, we had to decline, because it simply wasn’t in our budget. We were then passed off from one high pressure salesperson to another where the price dropped from $7995 to $1595.But what about all those people in the large room that had paid the full price? It didn’t seem fair to me that simply by saying “no” a few times, the price declined by 80%. When the sales manager left the room for a moment, I turned his computer around and did some quick research on the BBB. He had told me they had a “B+” rating, but when I checked, it was an “F”. That made a “no” much easier! When he came back in the room, he was embarrassed and released us to go, but if we changed our minds, his offer would hold until the following morning. At this point, he just wanted us to leave.I made the decision that IF there were a Travel Club out there that was reputable and economical, I would consider joining. We loved the idea of vacationing for less but weren’t sure if there was a better alternative to what we had just witnessed.So, when we got home the following week, I began to research. I found 3 legitimate travel clubs, and for two days I read reviews and found as much information as I could on each one. Although all three companies held high standards, had a large club membership and quality properties, there was one club that seemed better than the rest. This particular travel club had an enrollment fee that was a fraction of the other two, and when I learned that it had more resorts, condos, villas and hotels than all other clubs combined, it became my favorite.Can a Travel Club Save You Money?Absolutely, but the wrong travel club could charge you too much and have little to offer after enrollment. Before considering a travel club, consider the following:

Enrollment Costs: This can vary from a few hundred dollars up to $10,000. A good quality travel club shouldn’t charge you a fortune. It’s a good idea to stay under 1,000 for enrollment fee.
NO fees, dues or up-charges of any kind: You can’t save money on your vacations if you have yearly or monthly fees. If you want to pay fees of this kind, consider a timeshare.
Selection: A high quality travel club should have thousands of quality properties all over the world, not just one specific location.
Customer Service: Look for a club where you can call a representative or at least expect a call back if you have a question. Concierge Desks can be invaluable when planning a vacation, but not all travel clubs have a concierge desk.
More than one type of resort they represent: One of the top 3 vacation clubs ONLY represents Crown Resorts. Since they don’t have the top 9 Resort Companies, prices tend to be higher than at a club where all 9 companies are competing against each other for your business as a member.
Properties offered to members at the cost they were acquired: Resorts and condos should not be “marked up” before they are offered to its members. Public travel brokers like Expedia, Priceline, and Kayak have to mark up their inventory before offering it to the public to cover advertising and management expenses. A good “private” travel club will not mark-up inventory, the members have full access to bottom-dollar pricing.
Quality Resorts: Make sure your travel club is offering top line destinations. Don’t settle for anything less than 3,4 & 5-Star Resorts, condos, hotels and villas.Benefits of a High Quality Private Travel Club:

Save Money: Of course, everyone wants to save money. You should expect to save 30-50% on each vacation, and sometimes upwards of 80-90%, especially on last-minute travel to specific destinations.
Low Effort: A good travel club will have done all the research for you. Instead of spending hours comparing prices between sites, all your options will be in one location for you to browse online or talk to a travel representative.
A Concierge Desk: This is a great perk some travel clubs offer. Use them if they are available, they can save you additional money on everything from rental cars and limousines to Operas, Dinner Shows and Rafting Tours.
Members only perks: Enjoy 2 for 1 Cruises, Kids cruise free, All -Inclusive Resorts, coupons and travel tips.
No Black Out Dates: You should be able to travel during any holiday or high travel week without exception.

Travel Agents Can Help With Vacations and Business Travel

When it is time to take a long trip somewhere, it might be a good idea to consider hiring the services of a travel agent. There are many benefits that can be obtained by using the services of travel agents. Many travel agencies can find discounts and low prices on vacation packages as well as providing travel tips and information. Some travel agents specialize in traveling to certain destinations such as Paris, France and London, England. A travel agency can help with travel plans for when the traveler reaches their destination such as car rentals, hotel bookings and tour guides. In addition to transportation and accommodation, they can provide information on required documents such as passports and visas as well as the weather at their destination.Travel services to Europe might include flight times for various airlines, rail passes and tourist attractions. Some of the popular places in Paris, France include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. London, England has sightseeing attractions such as Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral as well as Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the London Eye. Other popular spots in England include Stonehenge, Roman Baths and various castles. In the rest of the UK, other places to visit include Liverpool, Manchester, York and Wales as well as Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland. Places in Ireland such as Dublin and Cork are not too far away from the island of Great Britain. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.Italy is a major tourist destination with ancient Roman ruins and Renaissance architecture. The city of Rome has many attractions such as the Coliseum and Pantheon. The Vatican City is home of the Pope who heads the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican also has the Sistine Chapel with its ceiling designed by Michelangelo. Examples of Renaissance architecture can also be seen in Florence and Pisa. Venice is famous for its canals and gondolas. Pompeii is an ancient Roman city near Naples that was buried by a volcano. Other places to visit in Italy include Milan, Verona and Sicily.Spain is also a popular European vacation spot for tourists. Major cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Cadiz, Malaga and Barcelona are popular places to visit. The island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean has nightclubs while Pamplona has the running of the bulls.Travel agents can help with vacations to Greece. Many people like to visit the islands of Greece. Also, Greece has many ancient ruins especially in Athens such as the Parthenon and Acropolis. Some of the other places to visit in Greece include Olympia, Mt. Olympus, Thessalonica and the large island of Crete. Some of the other countries to visit in Europe include Portugal, Belgium, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Poland and Denmark. In addition, the cities of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Prague in the Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria attract tourists and other visitors. Although many travel agents specialize in travel to Europe, there can be found some that specialize in travel to other continents such as Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and South America. Some even specialize in trips to Antarctica.One popular tourist destination in Africa is the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Business travel might include trips to cities and countries in Asia such as India, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai in China as well as Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Other favorite places to visit in Asia include Bangkok, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. Perth, Sydney and Melbourne are typical destinations to Australia. In South America, people visit Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Outside the United States, Canada is a country people like to visit especially Toronto and Montreal. Popular places in Mexico include Baja California, Acapulco, Mexico City and Cancun.In the USA, travel to cities for business and vacation include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston, Massachusetts. Amusement parks such as Walt Disney World and Disneyland in Orlando, Florida attract large crowds. Popular vacation destinations include Hawaii, Florida and islands in the Caribbean such as the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Aruba. Cruises to the Caribbean are also popular. Travel agent services usually include help for planning an itinerary for many types of destinations.

Let Your Website Speak All, Hire Web Designers

Who doesn’t want to see his business grow high? Online business is a key to set up a global business. When you are competing at international level, your standard must match with those who are already in the race, in fact better than them. Frankly speaking, marking your presence at such a high degree is very difficult if you are not exceptionally skilled. Moreover, existing in this world of commerce is not just enough. You have to be capable enough to fight with competitors and grab a position ahead.A website with good appearance makes a great difference when you are showcasing your products and services online. A well designed website with all the appropriate tabs and sections make it easy for customers to understand your ideas, intentions and goals. A Well Designed Website is easy to navigate and quite informative. Hence, it is necessary that you concentrate on the design of the website along with other aspects.Professional web designers can be a great help to achieve your dream. With booming online business, the role of web designers is getting prominent with each passing day. No wonder website designers put their greatest effort to build website and make it stand out of crowd. Hiring a professional team of web designer on contract is an ideal way to streamline your strategic plan.Website when designed professionally includes several things to retain the interest of customers from first page to the end. Web designers develop a website aiming to attract targeted audience by making every page informative, relevant, as well as appealing.Web designers are available on various grounds, like full-time, part-time, monthly or hourly basis. How you make your choice entirely depends on your requirements. Various options in the availability of web developers saves a good amount of money and allows you to move accordingly. However, before you choose any of them ensure that they have earlier records of their projects and works, so that you can have a pretty well idea of their skills and capabilities. Many companies are there, which provide demo for the proposed product or service. For such facility, customers are charged but the fee is very nominal.Hiring website designers is not difficult as there are several companies which facilitate its customers with cutting-edge solution to design their website in an ultimate way. No matter, if your business is small, medium or large, web designers take care of all your requirements to create highly intuitive websites. To grow your business high, you need not to have an impressive website, but a simple and professional website that could speak all about your company and your product.